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The name of this organization shall be THE BEARCAMP VALLEY GARDEN CLUB.



This club is established to promote gardening and horticulture through education and conservation and to foster activities that encourage civic plantings.


Membership and Dues

Section I: The club shall consist of active and honorary members. Any resident of the

Region interested in the objectives for which the club is formed and willing to contribute to the activities is eligible for active membership.

Section 2: Honorary membership may be conferred on anyone who has contributed outstanding services to the club upon recommendation of the Executive Board and confirmed by a majority vote of those members voting, there being a quorum present. An honorary member shall enjoy all the privileges of membership and shall not be subject to dues.

Section 3: Any member who desires to withdraw from membership in the club should communicate his/her resignation to the Membership Chair.

Section 4: Dues for active members of this club will be determined by the Executive Board and are payable on or before the Annual Luncheon Meeting.

Section 5: The Membership Chair and his/her Committee members shall notify all members whose dues are unpaid as of August 1. After October 1, non-payment is equivalent to resignation.



The officers of this club shall be a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor. No officer, with the exception of the Treasurer and Auditor, may serve in the same office for more than two consecutive years.

- 1 –


The Executive Board

Section 1: The Executive Board consists of the officers and chairs of all standing committees provided for in the bylaws, and ex-officio presidents, the ex-officios not to serve for more than six years total. The President, or two members of the Board, calls meetings.

Section 2: The duties of the Executive Board are to make such appropriations as are required to carry on the work of the club, to determine its policies, and to direct its affairs  The Board fills vacancies from the membership.

Section 3: A majority of the attending Board members constitutes a quorum.


Standing Committees

Section 1: Standing Committees exist to carry out the purposes of the club. Chairs are appointed by the President to serve for one year. Chairs are responsible for choosing a committee as needed. The following committees are recommended: Conservation/Horticulture; Hospitality; Membership; Nominating; Programs; Projects; Publicity; Town Planting; Webmaster; and Yearbook.


General Meetings

Section 1: There should be a minimum of 5 general meetings of the membership per year.

Section 2: The Annual Luncheon Meeting is held in June.

Section 3: A quorum consists of 20% of the club’s paid members.


Duties of Officers

Section 1: The President presides at all meetings of the club and of the Executive Board. The President appoints the chairs of the standing committees and is a member, ex officio, of all committees. The President, or the President’s appointee, acts as Deputy Treasurer and his/her signature must be on file at the bank, enabling the President or his/her Deputy to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

Section 2: The Vice President keeps a note book record of BCVGC activities, receives an annual summary of the works of the committees from each committee chair, and keeps copies of all letters sent to the membership. In the absence of the President, the Vice President assumes the rights, powers, and duties of the President.

Section 3: The Recording Secretary keeps accurate records of all meetings of the Executive Board.

- 2 -

Section 4: The Corresponding Secretary attends to club correspondence as requested, sends notices to the general membership, and together with the Membership and Yearbook Chairs, maintains a current membership contact list.

Section 5: The Treasurer is the financial officer of the club and keeps permanent financial records. The Treasurer 1) receives deposits, and records dues; 2) maintains a bank account in the name of the Bearcamp Valley Garden Club in such banking institution as determined by the Executive Board; 3) records any club investments; 4) issues checks for expenses either budgeted or approved by the Executive Board; 5) at each meeting of the Executive Board, the Treasurer makes a written statement of all receipts and expenditures since the last meeting and reports a current balance; 6) at the Annual Luncheon Meeting, the Treasurer presents a written account for the fiscal year and a budget for the following year. The fiscal year is June 1 to May 31; 7)  the Treasurer will give the Membership chair a list of all non-paid members by September 1; 8) the Treasurer makes a timely filing with the IRS and the State of New Hampshire, and is the contact for the club’s UNH scholarships.

Section 6: The Auditor audits the financial statements of the club at the end of the next fiscal year.


Duties of the Standing Chairs

Section 1: All chairs should present an operating budget for the following fiscal year to the Treasurer by the October meeting.

Section 2: The Conservation/Horticulture Chair communicates items of interest on our website from conservation societies, national and local, and organizes the conservation activities in which the club takes part. The Chair will also communicate news from the County Extension Service or interesting articles in recent publications and offer timely advise of garden interest.

Section 3: The Hospitality Chair arranges for refreshments and hostesses at each meeting as needed..

Section 4. The Membership Chair keeps an up-to-date list of members and writes welcome notes to new members. The chair keeps name tags and brings them to each meeting. The Chair contacts members regarding nonpayment of dues by
September 1, and works closely with the Treasurer, and Yearbook Chair, and the Corresponding Secretary.

Section 5: The Nominating Chair has a committee of two (2) members chosen from the membership at large. The President appoints the Chair, and the Executive Board appoints the other two members.  The Nominating Committee shall select a list of candidates for office, including names of candidates for President, Vice President, Recording secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

- 3 -

This slate is presented to the club and voted upon before the end of March. Those elected take office at the Annual meeting and serve for one year or until their successors are elected. A unanimous vote of the Nominating Committee is required to place a name on the slate.

Section 6: The Program Committee Chair proposes programs for the following year and presents them to the Board at the November meeting. The Chair and/or the Committee makes all arrangements, including publicity. The Chair introduces the speaker and before the speaker leaves, presents the agreed upon compensation or gratuity.  The Vice President is a member of the Program Committee.

Section 7: The Projects Chair is in charge of all fund raising projects approved by the club.

Section 8: The Publicity Chair writes and sends news of forthcoming meetings and items of interest to local newspapers, radio and TV stations, and arranges and distributes any necessary posters or promotional material for coming events.

Section 9: The Town Planting Chairs are in charge of the club’s civic plantings.

Section 10: The Webmaster administers the web site of the garden club: www. bcvgardenclub.com.

Section 11: The Yearbook Chair works with the Program Chair and the Membership Chair to have the Yearbook printed and distributed at the Annual Luncheon meeting. One member of the Committee is in charge of ads and payments for the ads.


Conflict of Interest

Any conflict of interest on the part of any Board member, officer, or committee chair will be disclosed in writing to the Board and made a matter of record through an annual procedure of inquiry, and also when the interest involves a specific transaction arising before the Board. If the proposed transaction exceeds $300 in a fiscal year, a two-thirds vote of the Board is required. The minutes of the meeting will reflect that a disclosure was made, that the interested party abstained from voting, and the actual vote itself.

Every new Board member is advised of this policy before entering office and will sign a statement acknowledging understanding of and agreement to this policy. The Board will comply with all requirements of New Hampshire law for non-profits in this area, and the New Hampshire requirements are incorporated into and made a part of this policy statement.


- 4 -



Any revision of the Bylaws must be sent to the entire membership at least thirty days in advance of a vote to accept or reject the amendments.  The Bylaws may then be voted on at any regular meeting with a quorum present.



“Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised” is be the final authority of the club on all questions of procedure and parliamentary law not covered by these bylaws.



In the event of the dissolution of this club, its assets will be given to a nonprofit organization for education purposes, such organization to be determined by the Executive Board at that time.


           Bylaws approved by the membership on June 5, 2013

            Revised May 2013 by the Bylaws Committee:

Jackie Colthart and Martha Billings Co-Presidents; Treasurer Jim Colthart;

Recording Secretary Jo Morse; Ex Officio John Day;

Town Planting Chair Prudy Van Winkle; Horticulture Chair Judith McLean

- 5 -

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